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Sandwich Square (Foods & Restaurants)

There are very few people who could get over the delicious taste of green chutney of “Sandwich Square”. What are the magical ingredients in the recipe? No one is been able to crack it to this date. But the taste remains lingering in our taste buds for a long. Our minds got as curious as to our tongues and we dug a little deeper into the roots of the famous brand. 

“Sandwich Square” was founded in 2014 by young and dynamic Mr. Mohamed Tanveer, Sandwich Square initially started as a small kiosk in Spencer Plaza, gradually expanding to 50+ outlets in 10+ cities. It is India’s first sandwich outlet with 143 varieties of sandwiches. The catch in their food preparation is that they use no frozen food. The masalas and chutneys are served fresh and are used for that particular day alone. To add to their health consciousness, one can’t find junk food or packaged food sold in any of their outlets. 

The brand that now boasts of 70 outlets PAN India faced its fair share of problems during expansions. Tanveer had to tackle impatient franchisers who wanted to mint profit within a month or so of putting up a franchise. Building customer trust was a whole new ball game altogether. 6 years and a chain of franchises later he is glad that he pushed through the problems. The highlight of their brand came when they served sandwiches to the audio launch of Bahubali. Tanveer recounts the experience to be both surreal and extremely rewarding.  

Tanveer’s endeavors didn’t stop just here. He started a new NGO called the “Yuva Foundation” that aims to feed and uplift the downtrodden to the best of their abilities. They have provided breakfast and dinner to over 50 people per day along with making donations wherever possible.

With new concerns, “Café Madrassi” on the way, Tanveer aims at establishing Sandwich Square as a global brand. His journey is live proof that patience and belief in your business can go a long way in bringing success.

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