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Mr. Mooralitharan A/L Narayanan – Founder,Silambam Porr Kalai. A Humanitarian Who Has Worked Hard To Keep The Art Of Silambam In The Country. He Was The National Technical Chairman Of Silambam Association For 10 Years And Being So He Was Able To Bring In New Ideas Into The System For The Benefit Of The Students And Is Now The International Trainer For Silambam In India, Singapore And Borneo. Your Passion To Make Our Native Art Grow In Another Country Is A Significant Work And Hope The Award Encourages You To Work Along Your Path. Presenting The Award Is The Guest Of Honor His Excellency Y.M Tenku Dato’ DE. Hishammuddin Zaizi Bin Y.A.M Tengku Bendahara Azman Shah Alhaj.

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