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Mr. R Then Mugilan (Cikgu Lan) – Co Founder – BESTDEDU – Edtech Startup Which Is Among The Top 40 Start-Ups Of Mystartup Pre-Accelerator By The Ministry Of Science, Technology And Innovation. He Published 23 Self Practice Books For Primary School And Kickstarted A Hybrid Learning Program For Tamil Schools Which Benefitted 9,037 Students. He …

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We Are Extremely Happy To Have Had Another Esteemed Person As Our Chief Guest, Mr. Delakan Ratha Krisnak, Founder, Lead Malaysia. Through The Foundation, Mr. Delakan Ratha Krisnak Has Encouraged And Empowered The Youth Of Malaysia To Help Stand On Their Own Feet And To Help The Society. The Foundation Works For The Benefit And …

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Ms. Rakvinder Kaur – Founder, Director And CEO Of Dasvandh Sewa Malaysia, A Humanitarian Organization Established During The Pandemic. The Organisation Fought And Worked For The Medical And Legal Rights And Safe Deportation Of Foreigners Especially Indians Stranded In The Country On Employee Visa. Congratulations Ms. Kaur For Being A Recipient Of The Award. Those …

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Mr. Suresh Vayapuri – Besides Providing Weekly Meals At The Senior Citizens And Children’s Homes, He Also Provided Meals For About 100 To 150 Homeless, Single Mothers And Daily Earners Every Day During The 4-Month Lockdown Due To The Pandemic. He Continues To Be A Humble Humanitarian By Providing Groceries On A Monthly Basis To …

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Dato’ Dr. Florance Manoranjitham Sinniah – Founder, President And Volunteer Of Sneham Malaysia, A Non – Profit Organisation Established In Oct 2018. Sneham Champions In Providing Mental Health Awareness And Suicide Prevention Through A Toll-Free Line For Low-Income Communities. Sneham Is Also A Member Of Befrienders Worldwide. Congratulations Madam. To Work With Endurance To Save …

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Mr. Pasupathi Sithamparam – Director, MySkills Foundation. The Foundation That Began With Just Ten Students Is Now A Big Family With 106 In The Past 22 Years. The Foundation Now Has Its Home In Kalumpang Hulu Selangor In A Vast Area Of 34 Acres With 4 Warehouses. They Give Mentoring, Coaching And Social Skills Training …

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Mr. Kuan Chee Heng (Uncle Kentang) – Founder And President Of Uncle Kentang Distress Call & Help Center, The Crime Victim Help Association Of Malaysia And Uncle Kentang Charity Organisation Of Malaysia. The Man Is Responsible For Umpteen Number Of Services To The Vulnerable In The Society. Mr. Kuan Chee Heng Or More Familiarly Known …

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Professor Dr. Sudhir Ranjan Sen Gupta – Known As The Justice Of Peace, Malaysia, He Has Contributed Towards The Social And Economic Development Of The Country. He Continues To Help In Establishing And Managing Private Education In Malaysia For The Past 57 Years. Dr. Gupta Is An Active Participant In Various NGOs And Plays A …

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Mr. Mooralitharan A/L Narayanan – Founder,Silambam Porr Kalai. A Humanitarian Who Has Worked Hard To Keep The Art Of Silambam In The Country. He Was The National Technical Chairman Of Silambam Association For 10 Years And Being So He Was Able To Bring In New Ideas Into The System For The Benefit Of The Students …

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Mr. Govindasamy Annamalai – President Of The Educational, Welfare & Research Foundation Malaysia, Established In 1978. Working For This Non-Profit & Non-Governmental Organisation, He Has Been Empowering Marginalised Communities In Malaysia By Creating Platforms For Empowerment Through Education, Psycho-Social Counselling And Welfare For B40 Communities. Making The Best Use Of Your Esteemed Level To Aid …

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